Fitness mythbuster

“Jij moet toch niet sporten? Je bent toch al slank genoeg?”

Hoe vaak heb ik dat antwoord al niet gekregen als ik praatte over sport.
Liesl deelt mijn mening daar in en ik wou graag haar blogpost hierover delen.
Ze neemt me de woorden uit de mond!


petite Belge

Hello everyone!

Today I am on a mission to bust a fitness myth that has been irritating me on a regular basis for quite some years. Besides, I am convinced that basically everyone knows it and some of you might even be guilty of uttering the myth. I am talking about the fact that slender does not automatically equal fit.

To give you guys a litlle bit of context, I will shortly tell you something about myself. I am only 5,2ft (160cm) and have been slender all my life. It is the way my body is built and I cannot do anything about it, except being gratefull. However, people tend to think that slender automatically equals fit. Well, it doens’t. Let me enlighten you with a typical conversation that I have at least once or twice a year.

Person: “So, are you still doing any sports?”

Me: “Yes, I go…

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