My favourite books of 2016

I shared my favourite books of 2015 and I think I’m going to make a tradition out of it. I’m going to share the top 5 of the books I read in 2016 and I’ll tell you with which book I’ll start 2017. By the way: a happy new year!

My top 5 books of 2016


1. The Circle – Dave Eggers


I bought this book in the – according to Lonely Planet – best bookstore in the whole world, City Light Books, at San Francisco. It is a lovely souvenir that I will cherish, but it is also a great addition to my book shelves. Since The Circle is an international bestseller, I had to read it and I’m so glad I did. The writing style of Dave Eggers is hypnotizing and keeps you hooked the whole story. Even though The Circle started of slow, I liked it immediately due to the way it is written. But the content is even better. It’s a book everybody should read, since the topic is so current and pressing. Everyone should take a moment to think about the online world and the importance of privacy issues. Something else I really loved about the book is the fact that the main character is the average girl and she is not the hero of the story.

So, if you do not know yet what to read in 2017, you should start with this book.


2. You are a badass – Jen Sincero


I’m really no fan of self-help books. My father definitely knows that, because he often recommends me books of that genre and I almost always decline his proposals. To be clear, he offers me those books because as a life and business coach, he reads lots of them. It’s not because I’m desperate. However, as every person on earth, I’m not always confident about myself or the way I’m leading my life. And due to the awesome title of this book, I was curious. When I saw it was on sale, I did not doubt a second and bought it straight away. I’m so glad I did. I flew through this book and loved it so much. I’m going to read it again in 2017 to work more with the tools Jen Sincero provides and because that’s how awesome this book is. It made me believe in my greatness and I recommended the book to everyone I encountered. It’s rare for me to be so enthusiastic – especially about this sort of book – but I love it and I want all my friends to read it. Maybe they’ll receive it as a present soon. I don’t know why, but Jen Sincero’s book touched me deeply.


3. The Engelfors Trilogy – Mats Strandberg and Sara B. Elfgren


I learned about the Engelsfors trilogy throughout my work as a reviewer for the website Even though the books belong to the young-adult genre, they are very good and I do think they stand out in their category. The Engelsfors trilogy is original, exciting and full of tension. I started the first book in 2012 when it came out and I finished the last one this year. If the storyline speaks to you, than I can definitely recommend this trilogy as a fun and intriguing read.

If you want to check out my reviews on the books (or on other books), then you should definitely visit my Hebban Reviewer page.




4. The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin

Once again, I do not know how it’s possible that there are two self-help books in my top 5 of 2016, but here they are. I guess that Jen Sincero’s book opened up my mind a bit. However, a book has to speak to me. I still dislike most of the self-help books. I can never seem to get past the first chapter (normally) because it often seems like lightheaded bullshit to me. So, in an inexplicable way, The Happiness Project spoke to me. First reason? The way it is written. I really like the writing style of Gretchen Rubin in this book. It’s so easygoing. Second reason why I liked the book is that Rubin shares her own experience and that’s how she inspires and helps people. She’s not acting like an arrogant self-help goeroe and I need that. Third and final reason why I like the book: the content is damn interesting. So, again, if the concept of this book speaks to you: read it.


5. Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children – Ransom Riggs


By now, everyone knows about this book since it’s been adapted into a movie this year. First of all, I think the movie sucked big time. Let set things straight: it’s not one book, it’s a trilogy. And obviously when three books are put into one movie, it will be awful. However, I heard that people who haven’t read the books did like the movie. But, about the trilogy. I loved them. They are a bestseller for a reason. After I started with book one, I couldn’t stop until I finished book number three. The story is definitely peculiar, but it’s so intriguing, original and surprising. Ransom Riggs tried to create a whole new world – as many authors already tried to do (and failed at it) – and he succeeded brilliantly. A great read.



I can conclude that the key-words for me to like a book are intriguing, original, surprising, touching.


Book that sucked in 2016


One book that disappointed me hugely is The Life-Changing magic of not giving a F*ck. I should have known that three self-help books would be too much for one year. But as the other two books, the title of Sarah Knight’s book spoke to me. In the end, the title is all that is interesting about the book. Obviously, Sarah Knight points out some important things in life, but she does that already on the back of the book and I guess most people know it would be better to care less about certain things. Knight promises a lot, but makes nothing true. She keeps rambling throughout the whole book and in the end you learn nothing. So not worth the money I spend. I honestly do not understand why this book became so popular. Trying to not give a f*ck though.



Reading Challenge 2016 on Goodreads: COMPLETED




Christmas and New Year have passed and I got a couple of books I really wanted as a present. The first books I’m going to read this year are the screenplay of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and The Girl with All the Gifts. The last book because I accidentally saw the movie trailer and I was so excited about it and the fact that it was a book, that I had to read it. The first book, obviously, because I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter world and I really loved the movie. I felt the magic all over again and I want to learn more about the new part of the wizarding world J.K. Rowling introduced.

My reading challenge for 2017:


Also, I’d like to read some books of Our Shared Shelf, Emma Watson’s book club.
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Note to readers: since most of my blogposts are written in Dutch, I was wondering if I should write this post in English. The previous blog article about books was also in English and it seemed only logical to follow that one up in the same language. However, the most important reason for me, to write about books in English, is that all my book-contacts are English. I’m on Goodreads, I follow lots of booklovers on Instagram and to me it seems as if a large majority of the fervent readers share their love for books in English. Therefore, I decided to do the same, since I’d love to share my thoughts about books with the small booklover-society I feel part of.

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