About me

I travel in the hope to find my why, because I can’t seem to find it at home.

If my life has a theme, freedom would be it.
I’m allergic to limitations, both my own and the ones others try to impose. I have a need for freedom. That means that I try to follow my gut, that I’ll always try to be a true to myself and of course: travelling.

I share my travel stories in all honesty and reality.
Travel is about so many things, but for me, it’s also a search.
I try to live life to the fullest and travelling helps me find out what ‘full’ might be.

Travelling keeps me present in a way I find difficult sometimes in day to day life.

In ‘What I take home with me‘ I’ll try to share the answers I find.

I care about the stories behind the countries I visit and its people. I care about my ecological footprint and the impact we make on our beautiful planet.

I’m an adventurer and I love hiking.

All these things will come together on this platform.

I hope to take you with me on my happiest moments, while also sharing the difficult times.


ELISE HERMANS  Journalism –  Travel – Writing – Filming – Storytelling – Photography – Reading – Food – Pole Dance – trying to live life to the fullest.


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