About me

I’m Elise and To Rove About is where I share my honest (travel) stories.

I always loved travelling but the moment I got hooked was when I decided at the age of 17 to go live in China for 3 months. I loved diving into another culture and I grew in so many ways.
I have been travelling ever since.

As a photographer and videographer, I have the urge to document what I see.
And as a journalist, I have the urge to write about what I experience.
‘Honest’ is a key word here, because in the world of travel blogs and social media, I often miss honesty and reality.

I love travelling, but it’s not always as beautiful and easy as it so often seems on Instagram.
So that’s why I share the wonder of it, but I also the struggles.
Every journey enriches me and I always go home with new experiences and insights.

We all wonder what life is about and travelling helps me to figure out my ‘why’.
I share my own personal search for happiness.
So that maybe, I might help others with their search.

I care about the stories behind the countries I visit and its’ people.
I care about my ecological footprint and the impact we make on our beautiful planet.

I’m an adventurer and I love hiking.

All these things will come together on this platform.

I hope to take you with me on my happiest moments, while also sharing the difficult times.

Travelling keeps me present in a way I find difficult sometimes in day to day life.


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